Driving your future with Korea Data Network

The leading B2B & Industrial Market Research Firm in Korea
  • Korea Data Network ("KDN") is a full service market research firm, well known for its B2B research capabilities, sophisticated industrial market surveys, comprehensive consumer market opportunity studies, supporting strategic decision-making and market strategy formulation.

    Over 25 years, we have worked for hundreds of clients including government agencies, consultancies, industrial organizations and
    blue chip companies, with core offerings in Industrial, Energy, Electricity, Steel, Healthcare, IT, Logistics, Automotive, Food, Construction,
    Chemicals, Electronics, Transportation, Textile, and New Technology sectors.

    Since we were founded, our mission has been to provide intelligence, innovative insights and cost efficient solutions to our clients.
    All our projects are custom-designed. We work with our clients from the very beginning of the project, providing advisory service on project scoping to help our client minimize expenses without compromising quality of works.

    Now, we make a difference in Korea research market with;

       · a deep understanding of the Korean market and extensive experience in most industries
       · nationwide research networks connecting 6 major cities
       · qualitative research led by an internal expert moderator group and a streamlined data quality control process
       · running an In-house Data Bank system for maximizing operation efficiency and after sales service capability
       · proven track record in difficult custom qualitative and quantitative projects

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